Mariemont Community Church Lych Gate and Wooster Pike (Rt. 50) Running Through Mariemont

Above is a view of Wooster Pike (Rt. 50) running through Mariemont.  Through the Village of Mariemont, it is a divided highway with a grass median strip.  In front of the high school as one approaches the Mariemont Village Square, the median strip significantly widens.  Traffic is further slowed in traversing the circular pattern of Mariemont Square.  Exiting Mariemont Square, Rt. 50 is divided for a brief stretch by an even wider wooded park before once again become an undivided highway as it exits the Village of Mariemont.  In the photograph above, on the left is the lych gate of Mariemont Church.  This is patterned after the separate “lych gates” or chapels that were set a distance away from Anglo-Saxon churches for the holding of funeral services and church services for criminals.  As indicated in the photos below, Mariemont Church’s lych gate is a popular subject for photographers.


~ by americanpresidents on September 7, 2010.

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