Mary Emery – Founder and Benefactor of the Construction of Mariemont

The founder who conceived of the idea of constructing Mariemont – and who financed its construction – was Mary Emery.  Born in New York in 1844, when she was 18 years old she moved to Cincinnati with her family.  There she met and married Thomas J. Emery, who headed up a candle manufacturing and real estate development company. After they married, they built an estate in Newport, Rhode Island named “Mariemont” where they spent their summers.  Unfortunately, Thomas J. Emery died on a trip to Cairo, Egypt.  Inheriting a vast fortune, Mary Emery committed herself to philanthropy which included contributing to the Cincinnati Art Museum and other museums and universities around the country.  Her most noteworthy contribution, however, was the construction of Mariemont for the benefit of the youth and families of Cincinnati. Hiring John Nolen to be the planner responsible for the design of Mariemont, Mary Emery broke ground on its construction on April 23, 1923.


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