Mariemont Dog Wood Park, Boat House, and Carillon Bell-Tower

Across Wooster Pike from Dale Park School is the Mariemont Boat House.  Once the stream that runs through the Dale Park School lower playground and under Wooster Pike emptied into a lagoon in front of the Boat House – with the Boat House containing canoes and row boats to allow one to paddle or row a boat on the lagoon.  In more recent times, the lagoon has been filled in with only the original Boat House remaining.  It is surrounded by the woods of Dogwood Park, a large wooded park with also an open area for baseball diamonds etc. that is the largest park in Mariemont.  Below is a photo of the Bell Tower that is located as part of the open area of the park.  It is the second largest bell tower in Ohio, with a concert played on its bells every Sunday.


~ by americanpresidents on September 7, 2010.

One Response to “Mariemont Dog Wood Park, Boat House, and Carillon Bell-Tower”

  1. I loved the sound of the bells from this tower. I was graduated in the 1959 class of Mariemont High School.

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